Site Governance Team (SGT)

Jones Elementary Site Governance Team (SGT)

The Site Governance Team is a shared decision making body, required at each school site by the state legislature and the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education. Shared decision making is an inclusion process where multiple groups of stakeholders work cooperatively to make decisions that positively affect student achievement. The meetings are open to the public.



If you are interested in attending a meeting or have questions, please contact Jen Webb at [email protected].

Meetings are held monthly, when school is in session. The minutes from our past meetings can be accessed below.

Agenda items are welcome! Contact Jen Webb at [email protected] or any committee member to add items to the agenda.

January 2022 Agenda

October 2021 Agenda

September 2021 Minutes

June 2021 Agenda

May 2021 Agenda

April 2021 Minutes

April 2021 Agenda

March 2021 Minutes

March 2021 Agenda

February 2021 Minutes

February 2021 Agenda

December 2020 Agenda

October 2020 Minutes

October 2020 Agenda

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September 2020 Agenda

August 2020 Minutes

June 2020 Agenda

February 2020 Agenda

January 2020 Minutes

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December 2019 Agenda

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June 2018 Agenda

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April 2017 Agenda

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